The Sweetest Mistake – A Baby Mistake Romance (Baby Surprises Book 1) Price: $0.99 (as of 08/09/2020 05:21 PST- Details)



They made the sweetest mistake.
Now, she has to keep their love a secret,
Or risk losing the whole lot…


I’ve got a bad reputation.
Every movie studio wants me, but they’ve had enough of my playboy antics, breaking hearts and messing up their schedules.
And now they would like me to sign a new clause: to keep away from my co-stars, or face the consequences.
Fine, if only my newest leading lady wasn’t the most up to date new thing in Hollywood
Fine, if I hadn’t already taken her to bed…


I used to be a small-town girl with silver-screen dreams,
They said I’d never make it, but then my big break came with a bang.
Dominic Hawk is the bad boy each and every good girl wants, and I’m going to be starring alongside him! There’s just one condition: that our fiery, passionate romance remains a strictly on-screen affair.
I’ve wanted this my whole life. I will keep my eyes at the prize, right?
The reality isn’t so simple. We break contract before the ink’s even dried, and with a private island all to ourselves, it’s not long before one thing ends up in some other, and some other, and some other…
We promise that once filming is over we’ll be together, contracts be damned.
If only it wasn’t for the baby mishap…

This is the first story in the Baby Surprise series.

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